Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 11

Had a good sleep-in today and we went for a brunch at Rue Cler, which was only a couple of streets away from where we were staying. This street has just about everything you would want to see in a traditional French street…from chocolates, florists, books to of course plenty of food. We stopped and had a beautiful feed of baguettes and stopped for some macaroons and citrus tart on the way back to the hotel. Monny’s feet were still sore so she decided to have an easy day resting with Grace, while Larissa and I set out for a long walking day (6 hours in fact).

We set out to the Arc de Triomphe and once we got there decided to walk to the top….284 steps. I think Monny made a good choice! What a great view! We left there and walked down the Champs Elleyses and stopped for a snack in one of the gardens. Scammers were about in the Place de Concorde but we were too smart for that…they were pretty feeble really.

We continued on to the Louvre and Larissa and I looked at the Italian paintings including the Mona Lisa. Saw the Venus de Milo and because of the size of the Louvre we decided to concentrate on just one main area…the Egyptian antiquities. This makes our museum pieces of this region look like a joke as there was room after room of Egyptian tablets, coffins, stone and brass idols. We left and walked back to our hotel and arrived at 7pm…sore feet!

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