Monday, September 28, 2009

Days 26 to 28

Headed upward to Cumbria, which was about a 3 ½ drive from Warwick. Staying at a B & B in Windermere, which is next to one of a string of lakes in the region. On our first fall day we travelled to a town of Ingleton as they had a walk that included a number of falls. It was fairly rigorous for us and took us well over 3 hours to complete.

After a short coffee break we decided to soldier on and tackle the White Scar caves before they closed. We travelled about a ½ mile inside the caves, sometimes having to almost double over to get through. Monny was a bit claustrophobic and was glad to get out of there in the end.

The next day we decided to take it easy and take a couple of cruises over Lake Windermere to nearby towns.

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