Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 5

Today we covered a few miles. We were within walking distance of the Portobello markets, which on Saturdays incorporates antique markets as well as produce. After a 10 minute walk we just followed the crowds…it was like a pilgrimage. Some fantastic shops here and for anyone who knows Monny and me, we were in our element. We only ended up buying a couple of dresses for Grace but could have easily spent a small fortune here.

After a bit of lunch we decided to head into see a couple of museums. These are housed in buildings with fantastic architecture so that alone was great to look at. The Science museum had some huge exhibits to do with space travel and plenty of interactive things for Grace to keep her entertained. They had a Wallace and Gromit are that Grace and I went to while the rest of the gang headed for the museum of natural history, which was basically next door to the science museum. Grace had a ball there with the kids interactive activities. We then met up with everyone and went through the dinosaur exhibit which was pretty spectacular.

Down the road from here was Harrods so we thought that we would take the opportunity to look through parts of it…the food hall really…as it was open until 8pm. Larissa bought some chocolates in a Harrods tin and Monny got a Harrods apron, so everyone was happy. Luckily the tube station wasn’t far away and before long we were back in Bayswater and had some dinner before collapsing!

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