Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 3

Off to Madam Tussauds this morning where the rich and famous had a chance to rub shoulders (literally) with the Hamlyns. Plenty of pictures with the likes of Elle, Madonna and for Grace, Myley Cyrus. The rest of the family was too chicken to go through the London Dungeon part and I am thankful that I had a group of girls either side of me that were picked on by the people paid to scare the living daylights out of you!

Caught the tube back to Bayswater and around 1pm met up with Adrian and Gillian who had come up from Cornwall to spend a couple of days with us. We had some lunch at the local (the Prince Albert) and decided we would head to Leicester Square to see what shows were available that night.

We decided to see The Lion King but unfortunately there were no cheap tickets so had to pay the full quota, but worth every cent….absolutely fabulous. It was playing at the Lycean Theatre just off the Strand…time in London is bringing back memories of games of Monopoly!


  1. I actually thought that was Hannah Montana for real till i read the page - looks like Grace is having a blast. No sponge bob?

  2. If he was there I would have had my picture taken with him. Trying to give Grace some activities so she doesn't get too bored. I keep on reminding her that she could be back in school doing maths!